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Hello, my name is Fred and this is my new first aid blog. I was never really interested in first aid until I witnessed a man collapse in front of me. I was out shopping and I was in line to pay when a man in front of me just fell to the ground. I didn't know what to do and began to panic. Thankfully, a woman who was also in the line came forward and performed first aid on the man and saved his life. I was so impressed that I decided to educate myself about first aid and emergency care.


Fred's First Aid Blog

Why Your Office Employees Should Take First Aid Training

Alfred Holt

If you manage any type of corporate office, you may not think that your employees should be trained in administering first aid, perhaps thinking that the risk of a medical emergency in an office is rather minimal. However, there are some very good reasons why all employees should be trained in basic first aid, no matter the work environment; note why this is, so you can ensure your office is always safe and employees always know what to do in the event of any emergency.


If your office has an employee kitchen, even if it doesn't have a stovetop of any sort, this can mean a risk of burns. If an employee plugs too many small appliances into one socket, this could cause sparks that result in an electrical burn, or an employee can easily spill hot soup or other foods on themselves, also resulting in burns. Having your employees know the best way to treat such burns while waiting for emergency responders can mean less risk of permanent damage to an employee's skin, and being able to alleviate the pain that results from such burns as well.

Choking and breathing disorders

No matter the office setting, choking is a hazard faced by anyone who eats! If a person is choking, immediate intervention can literally make the difference between life or death.

Along with choking, a person may have an asthma attack or allergic reaction that cuts off their breathing, and knowing how to clear their airway in such cases can also save their life. Having your employees trained in how to respond to these emergencies properly can then make the workplace safer for everyone.

Life support

As with choking, anyone can have a heart attack or other such emergency, even if they don't have a particular medical condition. Knowing CPR and the proper way to restore breathing can mean that the person is better able to recover from such an attack, or will respond better to emergency personnel once they arrive.


Even in an office, employees may suffer falls and resultant injuries; immediate treatment after such incidents can lessen the severity of that injury, and also keep an employee safe while waiting for emergency personnel. Knowing how to apply a makeshift splint to a broken bone or stop bleeding can mean faster healing for someone after an injury, and may also save their life! This, too, is why even office employees will benefit from first aid training.