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Hello, my name is Fred and this is my new first aid blog. I was never really interested in first aid until I witnessed a man collapse in front of me. I was out shopping and I was in line to pay when a man in front of me just fell to the ground. I didn't know what to do and began to panic. Thankfully, a woman who was also in the line came forward and performed first aid on the man and saved his life. I was so impressed that I decided to educate myself about first aid and emergency care.


Fred's First Aid Blog

A Guide to First Aid Partnerships

Alfred Holt

First Aid is crucial in immediate response to emergencies. It can make the difference between life and death. However, not everyone can perform First Aid. You must have the proper training to perform First Aid procedures during emergencies. Generally, only certified organisations, often referred to as registered training organisations, can offer the training for people or organisations that wish to learn about First Aid. Therefore, whether you are thinking about venturing into emergency care, your business or line of work requires the knowledge to perform First Aid procedures, or you need to train some of your employees in First Aid procedures, First Aid partnerships are an option to consider. Here is all there is to know about them.

How First Aid Partnerships Work

To deliver nationally recognised First Aid training, an individual or organisation must be a registered training organisation. However, stringent regulations concerning First Aid training can make it quite a hassle to become a registered training organisation. Therefore, the ideal alternative is typically to enter partnerships with already registered training organisations. Besides handling accreditation and compliance requirements, these organisations provide all the learning materials you need to offer your First Aid training. What's more, they give all certifications required once your trainees complete their courses.

The Benefits

Becoming a co-provider of First Aid training by entering partnerships with registered training organisations comes with many benefits. First, it's a hassle-free and cost-effective process. Doing it alone can be complex and time-consuming. You may also need to wait longer for approvals before you become a registered training organisation.

What's more, the need to work with emergency care professionals and invest in heavy and high-quality medical equipment needed to provide First Aid training can make the entire process quite expensive. Therefore, partnerships are the ideal solution if you lack the financial ability to meet all the associated expenses, especially if you are an independent First Aid provider.

Registered training organisations generally offer you their training resources, which you have to pay for. However, not all learners or trainees may complete their course, and some may drop out. If you had invested in these training resources on your own, such instances could translate to significant losses. However, with many registered training organisations, you will only have to pay for the training resources used by active learners.

Are you looking for a way to boost your reputation or market your business as an independent First Aid trainer? Partnering with a reputable and already-established registered organisation is one way to achieve this because certificates issued to trainees who complete the training are usually co-branded.